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$48.00 AUD
  • Dia 1.8cm
  • Stainless steel with resin and Dutch gold or silver leaf

Introducing a Brand New Concept in Gifting! The perfect present that can be easily sent in a standard envelope with an ordinary stamp.
Each gift set includes: an artistic card (learn about the artist behind the creation, and know that they receive 10% royalties from every sale) AND a unique necklace: crafted from resin and adorned with Dutch gold or silver leaf, elegantly presented on a durable stainless steel chain AND a C6 Envelope. Everything you need for a memorable gift-giving experience.

Crafted from high-quality epoxy resin, our jewelry pieces are a testament to our exceptional artistic process. We employ a one-of-a-kind technique, delicately embedding Dutch gold or silver leaf, resulting in truly distinctive creations.
Not only are our pieces remarkably unique, but they also offer an exquisite blend of lightness and durability. This unique combination ensures that our jewelry is not only a joy to wear but also a statement of lasting beauty.

Bronwen Smith is a proud Yuin woman. Gavin Chatfield is a proud Wiradjuri man. ???My blood bleeds red dust??¶­ but my heart is saltwater. I feel blessed to have experienced life???s influences from the Red Dust to the Saltwater.??‹¨«, he says. They both live in Batemans Bay, in the far east south coast of Sydney, NSW. They have pursued their artistic journey together since 2014 and have created GWIYAALA ART, presenting Aboriginal contemporary art, celebrating ocean nature. Both are inspired by the fauna and the flora of the ocean and surroundings they grew up around. A very colourful approach mixing traditional doting and modern techniques. Their work is now renowned and they often do murals on commission as well as run workshops.
Born in Alice Springs in 1970, Kathleen is of Pitajantatjara, Scottish and English descent. Since she began painting in 1993, Kathleen has developed her own signature style which has been influenced by her aunt, sister and cousins who all began painting in the early 80???s. Native creatures of Central Australian bush and joyful childhood experiences growing up on a remote aboriginal community feature in her fine Central Desert dot painting style.

A 10% royalty on all sales is credited to the Artists